Congratulations to our post-doc Tetsuto for receiving the Stensiö Award!

Named after Swedish vertebrate paleontologist Erik Stensiö, the award recognizes the research and impact of a scholar within five years of receiving a Ph.D. Stensiö, the founder of the “Stockholm School” of paleoichthyology, maintained a major center of early vertebrate research through the mid-late 20th century.  The first International Symposium on Early and Lower Vertebrates was held in Stensiö’s honor.
It is an early-career award. But it doubles as a presentation award as well — selected from early-career researchers who presented their work in International Symposium on Early and Lower Vertebrates.  The conception of the award was spearheaded by Zerina Johanson and Kate Trinajstic in the 2015 meeting.
The first Stensiö Award was shared between Lauren Sallan and Sophie Sanchez in 2015. The second award went to Sam Giles in 2017. This was the third time this award was offered. The symposium was its 15th and held in Qujing, Yunnan Province, China from Aug. 8 to Aug. 13, 2019.