Welcome to the Coates Lab!

We sit at the crossroads of evolutionary developmental biology, paleobiology, and anatomy. Our research interests are wide-ranging, and broadly fall under the evolution and diversity of early vertebrates, as well as adding paleontological and comparative anatomy perspectives to evo-devo. We are also very interested in the use of new imaging and visualization technologies in our work, such as CT scanning and 3D printing.


Phoebodus paper out in Proc B!

Here, we report the first skeletal remains of Phoebodus from the Famennian (Late Devonian) of the Maïder region of Morocco, revealing an anguilliform body, specialized braincase, hyoid arch, elongate jaws and rostrum, complementing its characteristic dentition and...

Tristychius paper published!

After an extended gestation, Tristychius -the jaws paper-, is finally out, published in Science Advances: 'High-performance suction feeding in an early elasmobranch'.  The work highlights collaboration with Aaron Olsen (Brown University) and his "linkR" package,...

Tetsuto Miyashita receives Stensiö Award!

Congratulations to our post-doc Tetsuto for receiving the Stensiö Award! Named after Swedish vertebrate paleontologist Erik Stensiö, the award recognizes the research and impact of a scholar within five years of receiving a Ph.D. Stensiö, the founder of the "Stockholm...

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