Welcome to the Coates Lab!

We sit at the crossroads of evolutionary developmental biology, paleobiology, and anatomy. Our research interests are wide-ranging, and broadly fall under the evolution and diversity of early vertebrates, as well as adding paleontological and comparative anatomy perspectives to evo-devo. We are also very interested in the use of new imaging and visualization technologies in our work, such as CT scanning and 3D printing.


Vish gives Dev Bio Journal Club talk!

Vishruth Venkat/lamprey-in-disguise gave a fantastic talk during the Dev Bio Journal Club on Stundl et al. 2019 (https://elifesciences.org/articles/43531)!

Tiny feast at lab meeting

April 19th's lab meeting was blessed by a diversity of food- our lab members brought in tasty snacks from various trips and events without knowing that everyone else was also bringing in food! Featured in this photo are tea cakes from Scotland, Jaffa cakes from...

Bark at the Park!

Coates Lab went on a joint outing with Ho and Prince Labs to the Bark at the Park White Sox game against the Baltimore Orioles (5-3)! There were special appearances by Puddles and Vofa, who never missed an opportunity to eat some funnel cake and fries. Thanks to...

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